P Farrow & Sons Ltd

Our Scrapping Process

You arrive on site with your metals. Please then report to the reception/weighbridge office, where you will be asked what material you have and your photo id will be checked and copied.  You will then be asked to follow one of the following procedures:

For small amounts:

You will be asked to reverse to the small weighbridge in front of the office window here they will be an employee from the yard to help you sort your metals (that’s if you have different grades).  The metals will then be weighed and written down on your receipt, then you will be paid either by cheque or card.

For larger amounts:

You will be asked to pull onto the larger 50ft weighbridge which is located at the side of the office where your 1st weight will be wrote down on your receipt you will then be told by employee of the yard where to tip your load, when tipped you pull back onto the weighbridge to get your second weight then you can go to office to get paid .

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